Weather Balloon Software

Now I’m tempted to go the Android SDK route, it’s free and is more up to date. Apparently Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has quite a few sensors such as temperature, so writing custom software appears to be more tempting

Hardware for the Weather Balloon

When I comes to hardware there is a lot to think about. I settled on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because you can plug an external antenna there.The balloon itself would have to be 1.2kg one, this will enable us to have payload of 1/2 a kilo without a problem. I am also thinking a a sun battery, but it could be an over kill, as I plan on adding a duracell pack to the phone. I’m also thinking of a back up comms unit, it could be 4G MiWi, the phone could be paired to it, WiFi requires less power consumption and once it dies it will automatically switch to 4G.

The init will be attached to a parachute, I will also need 5 x 0.41 canisters of helium to give us more than enough payload capacity.


Have to Write my own

Looks like the simplests of things don’t exist on the internet, I just want an application for android that would send pictures to an email address every minute of some as well as the GPS coordinate. Now I had to install Xamarin and figure out how to do it all myself

Also had to splash on one of the books:

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