Clean Master – The Best Application for Cleaning Up Junk on your Android Phone

When I got this app I were very skeptical, since I just don’t trust the applications that claim to boosts the performance of your device automatically. When it comes to Windows I can do everything myself and better, without any chappy adware. I also of the strong opinion that all performance optimisations have already been made during the OS iClean Master mplementation, so If you are boosting memory by flashing the cache it’s going to lead to slower start ups. While this application claims to do all of that, which I still consider useless it does plenty of other stuff too.

I find it particularly useful for cleaning junk files and identifying and disabling the services you neverĀ use. This application is awesome in that! I gives you a ton of options and is a no brainer to use.

That’s it, that is all I care about.

It also claims to cool down the CPU but I’m not sure how it does it since all the decent phones have CPU with variable clock rates. May be its more aggressive in under clocking, I don’t know.

It gets my 4.5 out of 5 for cleaning up junk and a nice interface. Ghee are tons of auxiliary features, but I don’t care about those.

Must have for any Android phone, especially since its free!

How to get it -> Google Play -> “Clear Master”

Disclaimer: I don’t know the author of the software and the review is purely based on my experience. I am in no way standing to benefit from a positive review of the software. This is solely my view of the software and I in no way associated with the developer of the software reviewed.

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