Evolution of .NET framework

Purnendu Chakrabortty

Microsoft is lauding a new technology, but is .NET really new? The underlying technologies of .NET have been with us for some time. This article explores the maturation of the technologies in and behind .NET.

The Microsoft .NET initiative is all-encompassing, ever-present, and in certain ways, brand-new—but the underlying technologies have been with us for some time. In this article, I’ll explore the evolutionary process that made .NET possible, from MS-DOS and the iterations of Windows to ActiveX. It’s all come together to culminate in .NET.

DOS carved its spot in computing history as the innovation that let regular folks use computers. Prior to that, no one user ever operated a computer. It was always operated by a team of users.

When DOS came out in 1981, a couple of companies (most notably, Novell) built software to let teams work on bundles of computers—the first PC-based networks. Other companies built products like Telix, PCBoard and Wildcat, enabling the building of the…

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