Russia Releases a Photo of a Fighter Jet Launching an Air to Air Missile at MH17

The fact that it’s photoshopped is obvious:

  • They used google maps and yandex maps
  • The fighter jet is way too close to fire a missile
  • It’s just too perfect, you have everything the fighter the “MH17”, flying missile

But those dumb idiots that concocted that “proof” didn’t even paste the right model of Boeing. On the picture it’s most likely Boeing 767-300 (however I’m not 100% sure), but the plane is definitely not MH17, because MH17 was Boeing 777-200ER and if you look at the schematic view it just doesn’t fit. Even if I got the measurements wrong. Boeing 777-200ER has very distinctly looking wings.

Now they have some “experts” deciding whether this picture is fake or not, whereas it should be obvious to anyone that it is!

Fighter Jet Shooting MH17


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