More on Roslyn in the “Rise of Roslyn” – November 2014 Issue, MSDN Magazine

For a few years now, various computer professionals, thought leaders and pundits have advocated the idea of domain-specific languages (DSLs) as a way of approaching solutions to software problems. This seems particularly appropriate if the DSL syntax is something “casual users” can use to adapt and modify the business rules in a system. This is the Holy Grail of software to many developers—building a system people can maintain on their own when the business needs change.

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Codeplex RSS Feed – No More

codeplexI used to subscribe to codeplexes RSS feed to see, in general, what developers are up to and to get some ideas. But as of today I’m no longer receiving the feed, because for the past several months it has been heavily abused (see the pic).

This has been going on for at least several months and nothing has been done to fix the loophole.

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