How to Mess Up Scrum, Part 5

Oh, gosh I have seen it happen way too many times

Critical Results

This is another item in my ongoing series of “How to Mess Up Scrum.” This time, I turn your attention to…

Overcomplicating the Objective

Let me give you an example. A few years ago, I was on a Scrum team that was assigned to develop a “retail portal” for the services this company already sold at old-fashioned store locations. In “phase one” the goal was to put up half a dozen or so static pages, plus one “contact” page to capture basic information so our sales rep can call you soon. That’s all.

It took three developers six months.

How the hell does that happen?

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#1,212 – List of Features Shipping in C# 6.0

2,000 Things You Should Know About C#

Thanks to Steve Hall for pointing out the location of the following information.

You can get the current status of all language features that will be present in the upcoming C# 6.0 release, as part of the Roslyn compiler platform project.  Here’s the link to the page on Codeplex containing a current list of features:

Language feature implementation status for Dev14

For reference, below is the list of planned C# 6.0 language features, as of 24 Oct, 2014.

Features that are “done” (already implemented):

  • Auto-property initializers
  • Getter-only auto-properties
  • Constructor assignment to getter-only auto-properties
  • Parameterless struct constructors
  • Using static members
  • Dictionary initializer
  • Await in catch/finally
  • Exception filters
  • Expression-bodied members
  • Null propagation
  • nameof operator
  • #pragma

Features that are “planned” (intended for the release):

  • String interpolation

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