Entity Framework 7

The first thing to know about EF7 is that, like EF6, it’s open source. But rather than being developed on CodePlex, EF7 is on GitHub, along with the rest of the upcoming version of ASP.NET. The URL for EF7 development is github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework. As with EF6, you’ll be able to see the details of EF7 as it evolves. You can explore the source, as well as its progress through branches and commits, follow the discussions, raise issues, fork the source, and submit pull requests for the team to examine and potentially commit to the code base.

Here’s the high-level view of what’s exciting in EF7:

  • Support for non-relational data stores and even in-memory data for testing.
  • Support for machines and devices that don’t use the full .NET Framework. This means you can use EF7 in Windows Phone and Windows Store apps, as well as on Linux and Macintosh machines that are running Mono.
  • Support for many features that developers have requested but couldn’t be achieved with the existing code base.
  • Continued support for applications that use the full .NET Framework such as Windows Presentation Foundation and other client applications.
  • EF7 will be distributed in the same manner as ASP.NET 5 and can be used with ASP.NET 5 apps.

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