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Cassandra Succinctly
by Marko Švaljek

Step outside the relational world and learn how to store data with Apache Cassandra, the massively popular NoSQL distributed database system.

Directory Enabled Applications Succinctly
by Giancarlo Lelli

Easily manage network resources by automating tasks.

PowerPivot Succinctly
by James Beresford

Take control of vast amounts of data using an easy-to-learn tool found within Microsoft Excel.

CUDA Succinctly
by Chris Rose

Use that high-end graphics card for more than games—use it to run massively parallel operations with CUDA, NVIDIA’s technology for programming with its hardware.

Microsoft Unity Succinctly
by Ricardo Peres

Incorporate Microsoft Unity when writing enterprise applications.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Succinctly
by Peter Shaw

Learn the new and improved features in the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap.

Linux Succinctly
by Jason Cannon

Learn the basics of working with files, directories, and permissions in the Linux operating system.

BizTalk Succinctly
by Rui Machado

Learn the basics of message routing and business process automation with BizTalk Succinctly.

Windows Azure Websites Succinctly
by Kyle Burns

Learn how to use Microsoft Windows Azure to quickly and simply host data-driven websites.

SSIS Succinctly
by Rui Machado

Learn how to use SSIS to develop data integration, migration, and consolidation projects.

Machine Learning Using C# Succinctly
by James McCaffrey

Learn how to apply different machine learning techniques to data analysis problems.

SharePoint 2013 App Model Succinctly
by Fabio Franzini

Learn to design and deploy apps with the newest SharePoint development model.

ServiceStack Succinctly
by Zoran Maksimovic

Learn how to use ServiceStack, the fast, simplified, open source alternative to other web service frameworks.

Prism 4 Succinctly
by Eric Stitt

Reduce the amount of work needed to produce well-designed solutions by mastering Microsoft Prism 4.

Regular Expressions Succinctly
by Joe Booth

Use regular expressions to quickly solve basic programming problems in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Imperative to Functional Programming Succinctly
by Marc Clifton

Learn the main concepts behind functional programming such as currying, partial application, and monads, and how to combine functional programming with your imperative programming projects.

Localization for .NET Succinctly
by Jonas Gauffin

Learn to write applications that support different languages and cultures.

MATLAB Succinctly
by Dmitri Nesteruk

Learn the essential skills needed to use the flexible MATLAB system.

NHibernate Succinctly
by Ricardo Peres

Master the intricacies of NHibernate, an established and powerful Object/Relational Mapper (ORM).

PowerShell Succinctly
by Rui Machado

Learn to leverage a variety of PowerShell commands to invoke scripts that work with existing frameworks, including .NET and XML, to optimize productivity.

Android Programming Succinctly
by Ryan Hodson

Navigate the key requirements for designing an Android application with Android Programming Succinctly as your guide.

Entity Framework Code First Succinctly
by Ricardo Peres

Master the newest development mode for Entity Framework.

MongoDB Succinctly
by Agus Kurniawan

Learn how to use MongoDB, the popular open-source database system.

R Succinctly
by Barton Poulson

Begin developing your mastery of the powerful R programming language.

Neural Networks Using C# Succinctly
by James McCaffrey

Neural networks are on the cutting-edge of software development.

HDInsight Succinctly
by James Beresford

Master the higher-level languages and other features necessary to process data with HDInsight.

LightSwitch Mobile Business Apps Succinctly
by Jan Van der Haegen

Single-page, HTML apps are a snap with LightSwitch, and mobile is no problem too.

BI Solutions Using SSAS Tabular Model Succinctly
by Parikshit Savjani

Inform the decision-making process by building BI solutions with tabular data models in SSAS.

Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly
by Peter Shaw

Design attractive, consistent UIs with Twitter Bootstrap.

AngularJS Succinctly
by Frederik Dietz

Perform common tasks and overcome common problems in Angular.js.

Visual Studio 2013 Succinctly
by Alessandro Del Sole

Familiarize yourself with the revised features of Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1 integration.

Windows Phone 8 Development Succinctly
by Matteo Pagani

Build Windows Phone 8 apps that make the most of the operating system and hardware.

Node.js Succinctly
by Agus Kurniawan

Use Node.js to create faster network and server-side applications on any scale, improve your existing database applications, or create web apps with JSON data.

Direct3D Succinctly
by Chris Rose

Build on your knowledge of C++ and Direct2D to develop fully 3-D games and applications.

SQL Server Analysis Services Succinctly
by Stacia Misner

Develop business intelligence solutions with SQL Server Analysis Services.

Assembly Language Succinctly
by Chris Rose

Maximize data processing speeds through x64 assembly language.

ASP.NET Web API Succinctly
by Emanuele DelBono

Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web API simplifies data delivery through HTTP.

Visual Studio Add-Ins Succinctly
by Joe Booth

Increase your efficiency in Visual Studio by writing custom add-ins.

Postgres Succinctly
by Peter Shaw

Learn how to use the long-standing, open-source Postgres database management system.

Direct2D Succinctly
by Chris Rose

Use Direct2D, the graphics card, and a little Direct3D to create high-performance charts.

Windows Azure SQL Reporting Succinctly
by Stacia Misner

Learn how to set up a Windows Azure SQL Database server, develop reports, and manage it all in the cloud.

Unit Testing Succinctly
by Marc Clifton

Learn the basics of unit testing and different ways to implement it.

TypeScript Succinctly
by Steve Fenton

Jump into Microsoft’s open-source superset of JavaScript with TypeScript Succinctly.

WPF Succinctly
by Buddy James

Create applications with stunning UI while separating your front end from your business logic and data.

iOS Succinctly
by Ryan Hodson

The companion to Objective-C Succinctly, and your practical introduction to developing for iOS.

Windows Store Apps Succinctly
by John Garland

Make your transition to developing Windows Store apps as smooth as the Windows 8 UI.

Data Structures Succinctly Part 2
by Robert Horvick

Round out your knowledge of data structures and how to work with them in the second volume of the Data Structures Succinctly.

GIS Succinctly
by Peter Shaw

Learn the ins and outs of geographic information systems.

Data Structures Succinctly Part 1
by Robert Horvick

Learn different types of data structures and how to interact with them while being mindful of their resource complexity.

Objective-C Succinctly
by Ryan Hodson

Learn Objective-C from the syntax up with detailed code samples and much more.

F# Succinctly
by Robert Pickering

If you’ve never tried your hand at functional programming, or are simply looking for a new tool to add to your skill set.

Knockout.js Succinctly
by Ryan Hodson

The Knockout JavaScript library is an invaluable tool for building dynamic, data-bound web UIs with minimal code.

C++ Succinctly
by Michael McLaughlin

Author Michael McLaughlin walks you through C++ from types and functions to lambda expressions and the standard C++ library while relating these concepts to their parallels in C#.

ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile Websites Succinctly
by Lyle Luppes

Learn how to create mobile friendly websites using the powerful MVC 4 framework.

LightSwitch Succinctly
by Jan Van der Haegen

Visual Studio LightSwitch may be one of the most under-utilized development tools.

JavaScript Succinctly
by Cody Lindley

If you’re an intermediate JavaScript developer, JavaScript Succinctly is the book for you.

HTTP Succinctly
by Scott Allen

With HTTP Succinctly, you’ll learn all about something you use on a daily basis.

PDF Succinctly
by Ryan Hodson

PDF Succinctly is your primer for understanding the components of PDF.

Git Succinctly
by Ryan Hodson

With Git Succinctly by Ryan Hodson, you can get up and running with one of the fastest-spreading revision control systems out there.

jQuery Succinctly
by Cody Lindley

jQuery Succinctly was written to express, in short-order, the concepts essential to intermediate and advanced jQuery development.

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