It is undocumented, but it looks like one of the optimizations in .NET 4.5. It appears to be used to prime the reflection type info cache, making subsequent reflection code on common framework types run faster. There’s a comment about it in the Reference Source for System.Reflection.Assembly.cs, RuntimeAssembly.Flags property:

// Each blessed API will be annotated with a "__DynamicallyInvokableAttribute".
// This "__DynamicallyInvokableAttribute" is a type defined in its own assembly.
// So the ctor is always a MethodDef and the type a TypeDef.
// We cache this ctor MethodDef token for faster custom attribute lookup.
// If this attribute type doesn't exist in the assembly, it means the assembly
// doesn't contain any blessed APIs.
Type invocableAttribute = GetType("__DynamicallyInvokableAttribute", false); 
if (invocableAttribute != null) 
    ConstructorInfo ctor = invocableAttribute.GetConstructor(Type.EmptyTypes); 
    Contract.Assert(ctor != null); 
    int token = ctor.MetadataToken;

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