Working on a new compression algoriphm

Can’t disclose how it will work. But early tests indicate that if you take a reasonable sized RAR archive compressed to the max and place it in my container, you should expect to achieve a further 15-17% compression.

Now the plan is to finish the library and post the service as a website where you can compress and uncompress a single file. I will probably put a limit on the file around 50 Mb mark. This will allow me to gather vital statistics (without killing my server).

If all checks out I will add support for multiple files and release it as open source. Still thinking about the last step though 😛

Compressing and decompressing files with BZip2 in .NET C#

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes

BZip2 is yet another data compression algorithm, similar to GZip and Deflate. There’s no native support for BZip2 (de)compression in .NET but there’s a NuGet package provided by

You’ll need to import the following NuGet package to use BZip2:

sharpziplib nuget

You can compress a file as follows:

…and this is how you can decompress the resulting bz2 file again:

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