Couldn’t resist from buying this toy. Which is awesome fun especially with the motion controller which makes it a peace of cake to fly!

My Past and Present PCs


I think it says a lot about the developer what sort of PC he/she has. Back when I was in my early 20 I had several:

  • Linux (Fedora) Box – running exclusively traffic shaping (sometimes uptime of that box exceeded 1 year!). The actual script for traffic shaping took a lot of time and effort to write
  • Windows Server – used as a DNS server and a POP3/SMTP server
  • Windows Server with RAID5 – for storing all important data
  • Windows Media Center – primarily for recording programs
  • Main PC – Extreme CPU with water cooling, 4 GB Ram – back in those days it was a monster


These days I only have 2:

  • Samsung Ativ Book 9 – 256 SSD, 8GB of RAM, have to say one of the best notebooks
  • Main PC – Intel Extreme Edition CPU with 6 cores (2 logical for each core, so 12 in total), 64GB of RAM, OCZ SSD that goes directly into your motherboard, 2 Intel SSD, 1 x 2TB Hybrid HDD, 7 x 1 GB HDDs – that I need for running virtual machines.

2015-01-18 15.49.18

So despite me getting older I am still a geek


Today I have become a proud owner of Solid State Hard Drive


This drive is going to be used as a repository for Dropbox, where I have 1TB of space.

It will be the first time that I use this technology – in my current PC I have an SSD that goes directly into the motherboard, then a normal SSD that is connected by SATA cable and the old fashioned hard drive. This will be a nice replacement.

However, Seagate are not pairing this hard disk with a proper sized SSD, instead it has only got 8GB of NAND cache!

But in my case all its going to be used for is for centralising data stored in Dropbox, so the performance is not an issue. Also, you can do a lot with 8GB of cache if you do it properly.

My First Smart Watch – LG

My first smart watch. Has extremely sophisticated algorithm to tell you how much time you have to get to a certain destination in time.

The added benefit – it can also be used as a watch… wierd

To sum up it is actually a very cool gadget that goes very well with my Note 4 and less than £200.

Only yesterday, while looking at the watch and walking to the station I have properly smashed my forehead against a lamppost




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