Resigning from Mizuho

Today I took a plunge and decided to resign from Mizuho. While all the team members are great to deal with the boss is into micro-managing, trying to control every aspect of your work.This has lasted for several months now and pushed me over the edge, I absolutely hated coming to work.

The job market here in London is very good and I have already had several interviews. I noted that there are quite a few jobs requiring knowledge of web technologies – MVC, ASP.NET, jQuery, AngularJS.

Liking all things new, I went ahead and bought a few books on various web technologies:




My plan is to get up to speed with those technologies so that they can be put on my CV. Back in the days (2003 – 2005) I used to be a very good web developer. It would be very exiting to see the web development has progressed since

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