Resigning from Mizuho

Today I took a plunge and decided to resign from Mizuho. While all the team members are great to deal with the boss is into micro-managing, trying to control every aspect of your work.This has lasted for several months now and pushed me over the edge, I absolutely hated coming to work.

The job market here in London is very good and I have already had several interviews. I noted that there are quite a few jobs requiring knowledge of web technologies – MVC, ASP.NET, jQuery, AngularJS.

Liking all things new, I went ahead and bought a few books on various web technologies:




My plan is to get up to speed with those technologies so that they can be put on my CV. Back in the days (2003 – 2005) I used to be a very good web developer. It would be very exiting to see the web development has progressed since


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    1. Ilya its a good step. These technologies are good and becoming more better and allow for testing.

      You have to keep in mind that Angular 2.0 has breaking changes from the Angular 1.3 version. But the technologies are good and its good to have them in the arsenal of your development tools.

      We would definitely have created a slick masterpiece back then when we created the IOM order form. Have fun 🙂


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